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Because of the Rules of Solicitor-Client Confidentiality, I cannot tell anyone about you. 
However, you are at liberty to tell others about me.
My Mission Statement is therefore "To do my job for you so well, that you tell your friends about me"
Either that, or I do my job so well, that you want to keep me a secret.

Thank you so much for helping the purchase of my new condo go smoothly.

(CL, Aug16)

Thank you so much for the work you put in to prepare our Wills and Powers of Attorney. The care and thoughtfulness with which you approached the project gave [of us] a real sense of satisfaction and assurance that our matters were well dealt with.

(NWC, July16)

"It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you, Richard and Laura. We chose the right lawyer for our needs! Thank you for guiding us through this exciting process. We will be highly recommending your services to our friends and family

(AM, Jan16)

The package looks really professional and everything is well explained.
I really really appreciate your professional service.
 BTW after our first meeting when we came with our wives, they said they never had such good experience with the lawyer.
You have taken time to explain each paper we signed in terms that we understood.
 They have sold properties several times before and no lawyer has taken the time before the explain the way you did.
Their typical experience was to go in for 20 min and sign the papers without any explanation.  So they were really impressed.

(LS, apr 12)


thank you for helping us organize our future

(SS, dec 11)


Dear Laura & Richard, you both have been so kind, helpful & compassionate throughout the past few years. I can't imagine not having your help

(L& C M, Mar 12)

"Thank you so kindly to have taken time out of your busy schedule to meet with me, listen to me, and provide me with some insight to the laws of the country." [EB, Jan 09]
"It was a privilege and a pleasure to be served by the best solicitor in the world. Many regards for you, for your family, and for all the people at your office.. and for (the nice cat)."
[JT, Mar 09]
"Dear, Richard, thank you so much for making the preparation of our Wills as painless as possible! We appreciate the time you spent explaining all of the details to us and your patience when waiting for information on our end. It has truly been a pleasure working with both yourself and Laura". [AC, Feb 09]
"Richard was extremely busy but he took my call and gave the excellent advice I needed to hear... I really appreciated him being there for me with his genuine care to help those who need it. Richard is a very compassionate person and an excellent lawyer." (DS Aug 08)
"I am sending you this note to thank you for all your assistance with the legals of my home purchase. Everything went so smoothly and you were good enough to explain the various details to me. Also, quite an unexpected bonus to receive the cheque with all the paperwork in the mail... it's not very often you receive a cheque from your lawyer!" (VR, Mar 08)
"I am so pleased to be able to recommend Richard Barrett as a Barrister & Solicitor to anyone who is in need of a lawyer. His knowledge and expertise is amazing and he has a wonderful attitude to help put down the feeling of panic... as I went through my last mortgage. Richard was able to take everything in stride and made all the process very reassuring to me. Richard has a vast experience in many areas of the law and loves to inform his clients about the ins and outs of their situation. His office is pleasant and comfortable so that you feel at ease as soon as you enter. I have no hesitation in the least in recommending Richard Barrett to anyone who is in need of a great lawyer. I am glad he is on my side. It's very comforting." (MS, Aug 07)
"Richard, I wanted to thank you both professionally and personally for taking the time to talk to my wife yesterday. You definitely put things into perspective for her, and forced her to ask the questions about the business that she has historically avoided talking to me about. After we spoke last night, we realized that I was getting very frustrated that she would never want to hear about the internals of the business because the details "scared" her. This unfortunately snowballed into me not wanting to involve her in any of the business "stuff", and so goes the bubble that inevitably would have popped in a very bad way.

You asked the right questions, and I think you have helped her realize that she needs to know about certain things and involve herself in some of the scary details; and now that we've discussed some of this, we have begun to identify my own issues that I need to consciously address to make sure that she is very much involved in the business. I feel like a weight has been lifted, and that we can tackle the next big steps of the business together, rather than what I now realize I was trying to achieve: An "I'll make a lot of money and THEN she'll see" attitude, which is not fair to her at all. I think you have (shown) why we put so much trust in you, and why I didn't want to go elsewhere when talks of "legal counsel" arose. Thanks for being so damn good at what you do." (GG, Aug 07)
"Thank you for all of your help with my problem, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
(JH, Feb 07)
"I've been meaning to send you a note forever. Thank you so much for your expert advice. You are very kind and helpful." (DM, Aug 06)
"Thanks Richard; your guidance, assistance etc. is appreciated. Also thank you for being reasonable." (JM Feb 06)
"Thank you for your clear explanation and allowing me to see a different perspective! You lifted a great weight off of me!" (VC, Dec 05)
"Words will never express to you the gratitude that we feel for all the guidance, counselling, and help that you have given to us. We were filled with the hope that somehow everything would work out. Thanks to you our dream was fulfilled." (SH, Dec 05)
"Many thanks" (GB, Nov 05)
"Thank you for all your work in setting up my mom's estate" (TH, Oct 05)
"I just wanted to thank you for your hard work, and the time you have taken to help me with this situation, not just as a lawyer, but also as a human being. You displayed a lot of compassion and empathy during a very stressful period. That thoughtfulness went a long way to re-establishing my confidence in the legal system. I guess not all lawyers are crooks (grin). I think you offer inestimable service and an invaluable alternative to the traditional approach. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" (SP, Sept 05)
"I cannot thank you enough for the service you have rendered. My only regret is that I didn't contact you earlier for help. ...You cut to the core of the matter and stayed focused when I couldn't. Your advice every step of the way was sound and effective. The Company's lawyer works for one of the largest firms in the country, but could not help me due to possible conflicts of interest. When I told him of your approach, he said "you've got a good lawyer". He was right." (HC, June 05)
"we both appreciate everything you have done for us on behalf of our mother"
(DK & LM, Mar 05)
"a professional who gives great value for the dollar" (LN, May '04)
"thank you so much for all of your help... your help and guidance was tremendous and you really went above the call of duty.... After all of the hard work you did I cannot believe that you only charged me (x) for your time. Thank you again Richard. I will endeavour to forward more business your way whenever I can..." [NM, Sept '03]
"A quick note to say a big THANK YOU!!! all of your help was instrumental in making the move a big success" [BM, Jan '04]
"Thank you once again for all your advice, kindness and time. Your efforts and kind words shall never be forgotten" [IM, Feb '04]
"Dear Richard, Many thanks for all your help." [DA, Dec 03]
"Thanks so much for your expertise..." [SP, Feb 04]

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