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If ever there was a legal job requiring customized service, it is litigation. The range of disputes
people have are myriad. No lawyer has "seen everything", let alone studied the law on it. Rather, litigation lawyers are knowledgeable of the Rules of Court, and general rules of law applicable in many circumstances;however, once a particular case presents itself, we do the research to find out if the situation ever occurred before, and how the Court handled it that time.
For my part, I have had experience in construction lien cases, property line disputes, slip and fall accidents, assaults, contract disputes, wrongful terminations, bad products, non-payment of accounts, bounced cheques, Human Rights disputes, real estate problems, mortgage collections, partnership disputes, commercial investments, personal injury cases, and more. While the scope of my experience is broad, my practice is restricted to assisting entrepreneurs with business interests.
If you wish to sue, you are the "Plaintiff".
If you have been sued, You are a "Defendant".
In either case, this is going to be expensive.
"The Ontario Small Claims Court is responsible for handling cases where the amount in dispute is $25,000 or less. For matters within the Small Claims court jurisdiction, it probably doesn't make sense to hire an expensive lawyer, particularly as the court is set up to be the "people's court", where the rules are less complex than when greater amounts of money are at stake. The idea is that anyone should be okay handling their own case. Below are the links to the Small Claims court, which has guides and forms that will get you going."
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